"Girl Flu." - now available on demand!

We're so excited that - starting today - "Girl Flu." is available to the public!! You can find us on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play! Woohooooo!!

We are so grateful to all of our festivals fans and programmers across the country and around the world!! Thank you for giving us so much love and support during our year-long festival run, that garnered us many lovely awards and brought our film to audiences who were so big-hearted in embracing what it's all about. THANK YOU!!

And thank you so much to all our new fans, who are already settling into their couches around the country to cozy up with Jenny and Bird, Arlo and Carlos, Lili and Celeste... Bring some chocolate, a big glass o' Chardy. And maybe a hankie. I always cry at the end. Is that weird? ;-) These characters have become so real to me I almost forget that once upon a time, they were just flickers of my imagination. Now they can be your friends, too.

Please leave us review on whatever site you watch the movie on. "Girl Flu." is all about community, and hearing your responses won't just be good for spreading the word and making more fans... it'll be wonderful for us to hear your feedback and keep the conversation going.

Last but not least. THANK YOU to everyone who collaborated on our film. When you watch the film, you're seeing and hearing the work of dozens of different artists, all bringing their talent, craft, and wisdom to the playground. From the grips to the stars... everyone put their heart into this. ENJOY!!!

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