Thank you - Arianna

Ari and Do at #LAFF

I'm sure I'll be blogging and posting and tweeting (me? OMG!) more in the future. But I felt like I couldn't do one more thing until I thanked someone without whom this whole social media shebang couldn't have happened: Arianna Ortiz.

This lady is something special. I mean, her handle is Deadly Brunette. She's a bad ass.

When 'Girl Flu." got accepted into the awesome #LosAngelesFilmFest, I went into a bit of a tizzy. I'm embarrassed enough to admit that my first thought was "What am I gonna wear?" Yeah. But then my brain clicked in and I realized everything that I had to do and that I was in over my head... so I called Arianna. If you really need something done, Ari is your lady.

In addition to being a bad ass, she is a mutli threat actor, writer, director, producer, and a serious mensch. She has held my hand through all of this and made phone calls for me and helped me process some heavy emotional truths about the film and taught me to tweet.

And she designed this gorgeous website. RIght here! Pretty pretty, huh?

So I'll be thanking more excellent people along the way that are deserving of much gratitude, but first, I wanted to say Thank You, Arianna!! You go, girl.

As for this photo, clearly if I had had enough drinks to do this, then I couldn't possibly remember who took it, but Thank You, too.

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