(It's a period piece.)
Heather Matarazzo & Katee Sackhoff

“Without a doubt, the only film you'll ever call charming, funny and heartwarming that has menstruation as its focus.””    


—  Leo Sopicki, Blogcritics 

 The Film 
Girl Flu.
Written & Directed
Dorie Barton

In this double coming-of-age comedy, Bird, 12 - wise beyond her years - finds herself having to take care of her fun-but-flighty stoner of a mom, Jenny. When Bird is humiliated by getting her first period at the school picnic, the delicate balance at home blows up as Bird and Jenny struggle to navigate the onslaught of change and raging hormones. After making some regrettable decisions along the way, with the help of Jenny’s golden-hearted boyfriend and her rock steady best friend, both mother and daughter discover what it really means to become a woman.

"Girl Flu." had a tremendously successful year-long festival run in the States and around the world, winning many awards for both film and director, and is now available to stream right to your living room! Follow us on social media for more news, behind the scenes photos, and for the inside scoop on the making of "Girl Flu." 


Katee Sackhoff

Katee Sackhoff

Jade Pettyjohn

Jade Pettyjohn

Jeremy Sisto

Jeremy Sisto

Heather Matarazzo

Heather Matarazzo

Judy Reyes

Judy Reyes

Diego Josef

Diego Josef

Isabella Acres

Isabella Acres

O-lan Jones

O-lan Jones

The Filmmakers
Katee Sackhoff, Dorie Barton and Jade Pettyjohn on the set of Girl Flu.
Producers Jay Lowi, David K. Wilson and Dorie Barton on the set of Girl Flu.
Producer David K. Wilson and Jade Pettyjohn on the set of Girl Flu.
On the set of Girl Flu.

Jay Lowi


David K. Wilson


Dorie Barton


Alice Brooks



“Following its premiere at the LA Film Festival, Girl Flu. could pique curiosity in art house theaters and VOD platforms precisely because it takes a subject usually exploited for gross-out gags or one-liners and makes it the main attraction. That’s the movie’s ticklish novelty.”

Jon Frosch

"Director Dorie Barton provides stellar direction with a pace and energy that is lively but never tiring. Girl Flu. is a film that beautifully balances the pains of growing up for both a mother and daughter who are not ready. With its distinct voice and subversion of archetypes, the film is a breath of fresh air that’s also unexpected revelation."

Eduardo Victory​

“I will never tire of movies depicting the otherworldly tragedy that is a girl getting her period for the first time and realizing that everything that was ever good is suddenly gone. The film stars Katee Sackhoff, Jeremy Sisto and Heather Matarazzo, some fan favorites and indie darlings who likely will elevate a little coming-of-age dramedy into Grade-A charming.”

April Wolfe and Michael Nordine

“Pettyjohn’s charming performance is the sort of infectious breakout role that makes a film like Girl Flu. really get into your system.”

Kate Erbland

Girl Flu.’s” Dorie Barton, arguably has the freshest sense of humor to come along since Lena Dunham’s.

Girl Flu. is everything indie comedy should be and rarely is: fearless, committed to character and willing to not only get dirty but to stay that way.”

Bob Strauss




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